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If you are thinking about changing career direction, you love driving in the city and you are good and patient teacher, why not try to become a driving instructor? Just Pass Driving School is providing comprehensive driving instructors Birmingham training helping you to increase your job satisfaction and challenge yourself every day. If you are looking for a dynamic workplace, where you can work flexible hours and you could possible change someone’s life for the better, the driving instructor career is the one for you!

Of course there are some criteria you need to cover in order to comply with UK’s legislation and UK’s road safety standards, as follows:

1. To qualify for the training you need to have held a full UK driving license or a European/Economic driving license for minimum of 3 years and be over 21 years old.

2. You have to be able to read a number plate of a distance of: 26.5m for vehicles fitted with a new style number plate or 27.5m for vehicles fitted with an old style number plate.


If you have ticked all the boxes, you are one step closer of becoming a fully qualified driving instructor. At Just Pass, we consider people as our most important asset. Thus, we will ensure your comfort and we will provide help and support every step of your journey to your dream job. Our professional trainers have years of practice, so that you are in great hands to gain the right set of skills and become a fully trained driving instructor.

At the beginning of the training program, a personal driving instructor will be allocated to you in order to meet all your individual requirements and specifications such as preferable language, in case English is not your first language.

If you are already convinced this is the right job for you please continue reading.

You will need full UK driving license to quality for this course.

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So what do I need to do?

So far, so good.  However, you cannot simply start practicing before covering the theoretical part first. There are THREE tests that you must cover in order to become a fully certified driving instructor, as follows:

Test Number One: Multiple Choice Theory Test and Hazard Perception Test

Consider this as your first step of the journey to become a driving instructor. The first part of the test is similar to the one you took to pass your driving test in the past, only with more questions added. It is a computer based, multiple choice theory test comprised of 100 questions to assess your knowledge and skills. In order to pass the test you must answer correctly at least 85 out of 100 questions.

The second part of the test is comprised of hazard perception questions to assess your attitudes and perceptions toward risk. It is again, computer based test, where a 14 videos will be shown to you. The pass benchmark is 57 out of 100.

Bear in mind, you need to “pass” both parts of the test in order to “pass” the test overall. Failing at one part of the test will result in failing the whole “Number One” test. However, there are no limits or restrictions of the number of attempts to take the test.

If you are feeling unsure and dubious about the test, do not worry. Just Pass Driving Instructors Training Birmingham program is specially designed to provide you with individual help and support, so that you pass the theory tests with ease. We will provide you with study materials, track your progress though mock examinations, go through the questions you got wrong and explain the right answer to you. If you have any additional questions regards your exam preparation you will always be able to speak with a member of our staff.

Test Number Two: Driving Ability Test

The second part of your test is comprised of a driving ability test, meaning your driving skills will be assessed by an external examiner. He will be sitting next to you in the passenger seat and will be assessing your driving abilities on various roads. Up to six minor faults are allowed in order to pass the exam, in case you get more than six minor faults or even one considered more hazardous, you will fail your Driving ability test. Please note, here you have only three opportunities to take the test. Failing four times on the Driving ability test will lead to retaking the whole training program again from Test Number One.

However, at Just Pass Driving Schools Birmingham. we are known for our excellent pass rates due to our goal to offer the best training to our future drivers. We will polish up your weaknesses, go over the usual driving test routes with you and explain to you your mistakes in order to give you the best chance of passing.

“The whole training course is designed on a pay as you go basis for your convenience. For more information regarding the course or if you would like to register interest, please call us on 0121 243 1911.”


Test Number Three: Instructional Ability Test

This is considered to be the most challenging test of all by far. It is designed to assess your teaching abilities and professionalism to deliver to your future driving trainees. This time you will be sitting in the passenger seat and the external examiner will pretend to be a trainee, driving the car. At the beginning of the exam the examiner will ask you to teach him specific subject and you will be assessed toward your level of skills to deliver the required lesson.

To increase your chances of passing the exam, Just Pass Instructor Training Program is offering you 40 hours of training by a professional instructor trainer. Your allocated personal trainer will go through all the ten potential exams scenarios with you, so on the day of examination you will be fully prepared.

Once you have completed the forty hours of training, we will provide you with the opportunity to become a trainee driving instructor at Just Pass. This will not only increase your confidence with real people but also help you earn some additional income as well.


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