Automatic driving lessons Coventry

Automatic driving lessons Coventry

When you’re searching for the best driving lessons Coventry offers numerous different schools for you to choose from. However, not all can offer you the same high standard of tuition or the same competitive prices. Just Pass School of Motoring Limited should be your first choice in the West Midlands for affordable, high-quality driving instruction. Our team of highly skilled and experienced instructors offer friendly, patient tuition for learners of all ages and will a wide range of needs. To this end, not only do we offer manual driving lessons, but also automatic ones, so you can be confident of getting out on the road in the way that suits you best.


Automatic Driving Lessons in Coventry

Learning In An Automatic Car

Not everyone feels willing or able to learn to drive in a standard manual vehicle. With so many pedals, gears and controls to think about, it can seem too overwhelming to ever get behind the wheel. However, with automatic driving lessons in Coventry, you can enjoy a simpler learning experience that will give you the confidence you need to take your test.

Our dual control automatic vehicles are all modern makes and models, so you can be confident of a safe and comfortable drive. Meanwhile, our talented and experienced automatic driving instructors have the necessary skills to make sure you get as much as possible out of every single lesson.

Driving Lessons In Coventry To Suit Your Needs

Unlike many other driving schools, we tailor the services we offer to meet the unique needs of our customers. We know that everyone has different requirements, so we make sure that you can benefit from the style of teaching that best suits you. We have instructors who speak multiple languages to facilitate learning in Coventry’s multicultural community. We also have female instructors available to teach those women who would prefer an instructor of the same sex. We’re also able to tailor your lesson schedule around your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re at school, college or university, whether you work a changing shift pattern, or whether you have family commitments that you need to fit your automatic driving lessons around, we’re happy to work with you to accommodate those requirements.


Why Choose Automatic Lessons

Here are some reasons on why you should pick automatic lessons:

  • 1). A higher level of confidence without the stress of accidentally slowing down the vehicle or rolling in reverse down a slope.
  • 2). There will be fewer complications regarding controlling the car.
  • 3). Drivers will be able to concentrate totally on steering their vehicle.
  • 4). You can spend more time in lessons focusing on controlling speed and handling.
  • 5). Students will learn to drive quicker thanks to there being fewer things to cover compared to manual driving.
  • 6). Driving manual cars can be tiring, so for drivers who are going to be behind the wheel for a long time, driving automatic cars will be easier.
  • 7). Learning automatic driving will most likely be less expensive as a whole, as for the most part, pupils need fewer driving lessons for automatic that for manual.

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What Makes Our Automatic Driving Lessons Unique?

Pupils who feel like they have problems with pressure and nervousness would benefit from taking automatic driving lessons in Coventry. It’s troublesome to learn the many intricacies of using a gearbox and driving manual vehicles, and nervy drivers may frequently torture themselves over making a minor mistake which could lead to their vehicle going into reverse or slowing down suddenly. Stress over this prevalent mistake frequently causes extra pressure, leading to pupils being unable to retain everything from a lesson that their instructor has told them. Dread concerning driving a manual vehicle frequently puts nervy and apprehensive drivers off taking lessons, but after you take automatic driving lessons with us, you will find that dread isn’t a problem anymore. You will feel confident in addition to feeling relaxed enough to benefit from classes and retain the information that the instructor has relayed to you.

If you have problems with driving in general after having taken many lessons, then you will appreciate the teaching methods that our instructors employ which will allow you to progress in your driving skills at a visible rate. If, however, you’ve never taken lessons before, then you will still feel comfortable with our instructors who are used to teaching complete beginners. You’ll be able to in any case appreciate the chances that accompany learning driving after you take automatic driving lessons in Coventry.


Incredible Value and Great Availability

Anybody taking Automatic Driving Lessons in Coventry needs decent worth for money, therefore we strive to ensure that our lessons are all high quality. We exclusively utilize very prepared and experienced driving teachers with DVSA confirmation, subsequently, you’ll be guided by an instructor who is completely familiar with the best methods of teaching. You can also rest assured knowing that our driving instructors are familiar with the Coventry roads. Regardless of whether you have a fixed schedule or varying days free each week, our instructors can work around your availability.


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