Automatic Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Driving lessons in Birmingham

Why Automatic?

Learning to drive a car is one of the most complicated things that you may ever learn to do. There’s so much to remember, from steering and indicating to checking your mirrors before you make a manoeuvre. Changing gears is just another thing to worry about, and for some people it’s a step too far. If the idea of manual driving is putting you off arranging lessons, it’s time to pick up the phone and make your booking because automatic driving lessons in Birmingham are now a possibility thanks to Just Pass School of Motoring.

The practical driving exam can be a stressful experience even before you add on the anxiety of trying to find the biting point of your clutch and worrying about accidentally stalling. If you only plan to drive an automatic car in future, there’s no point in adding extra hassle to your life by taking manual driving lessons. Our automatic driving lessons in Birmingham are perfect for you. Not only is driving an automatic vehicle much easier to learn but it is also considerably less stressful, so if you’re looking for a hassle free way of getting hold of your licence, automatic lessons are the ideal solution.

Who Will Benefit From Automatic Driving Lessons?

Learning to drive an automatic car is a much more simple experience, so if you’re lacking in confidence on the road, or are a very nervous driver, automatic lessons could be a great fit for you. Older drivers and those who have disabilities may also benefit from our automatic driving lessons as they are much more accessible and there is less to think about when you’re behind the wheel. Maybe you’ve had driving lessons in the past and found it a struggle because of problems with changing gears? If that sounds familiar, you needn’t let it stop you from driving as automatic lessons will let you put the other skills that you have learned into practice without any of the added complications.

Birmingham is a busy city, and driving in heavy traffic can mean frequent gear changes. Driving a manual vehicle under these circumstances can feel like you’re constantly changing gears, and that can be quite overwhelming to a new driver. As an automatic vehicle changes gears automatically, you can concentrate fully on the road ahead without any of distractions associated with the gear stick, so you can feel safe and secure when you’re out and about.

If you need to get your licence in a hurry, you may not have time to learn all of the skills necessary to master a manual vehicle. Learning to manage the gear stick and clutch can be a time consuming task, so if time is of the essence, automatic driving lessons could get you the independence you need in a shorter space of time.

Our Automatic Vehicles

When you choose automatic driving lessons from Just Pass School of Motoring, you can be sure that you will be learning in a cutting edge, high quality vehicle. We have a great range of automatic cars from the latest makes and models so you’ll enjoy the best possible tuition experience in a safe, modern car. If you’re worried that taking automatic lessons will limit the types of vehicle you can drive, there’s no need to worry. Many of the best makes now produce automatic versions of their best-selling vehicles, so not only will you be learning to drive in a well known model, you’ll also have plenty of choice over which car you can buy once you’ve passed your test.

Our Skilled Driving Instructors in Birmingham

When you choose automatic driving lessons from Just Pass School of Motoring, you can be certain that you will be assigned your own highly skilled personal driving instructor who is extremely familiar with automatic driving tuition. As an expert professional who is fully qualified and certified as well as tested by the DVSA, your friendly instructor will teach you all of the essential skills that you need to safely handle the vehicle so that you can be on your way to getting your licence in no time. Stop thinking about changing gears all the time- simply hop in the car and begin your journey to freedom with us.

Just Pass School Of Motoring is one in the leading driving schools in automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, providing tremendous resources to their pupils since 2006. With our outstanding name for the standard of our automatic driving lessons, it’s no surprise most of our pupils pass their driving test first time. Our fleet of modern vehicles is ideal to learn to drive in.

When it comes to  automatic driving schools in Birmingham, Birmingham has quite a lot to choose from; but not all can compete with our quality and value.

Just Pass School of Motoring offers a large variety of automatic driving courses at competitive prices with our dedicated driving instructors; making it straightforward and more affordable than ever to learn to drive.


Our extremely sure-handed and dedicated automatic driving instructors in Birmingham area are here to assist you to develop your confidence and independence on the roads. Not every driving school in Birmingham has got what it takes to provide you with such friendly, understanding tuition that meets your distinctive needs. Our automatic driving instructors understand that some learners area quite anxious and distressed once they are seated behind the wheel for the first time. When you are taking automatic driving lessons in Birmingham with our  Driving schools Birmingham, you can be rest assured that you will be treated courteously and with patience. With our support, you’ll soon feel able to hit the road without any fears or concerns. We believe that having a friendly atmosphere  to learn in, can encourage our pupils to learn  a lot quicker. We provide block booking discounts, advanced driving tests, and  lot more to make the sure you can pass your driving test as quick as possible. Whether you’re taking driving lessons in Birmingham for the very first time or whether you’re returning to driving after several years and need to brush up on your skills you can be sure Just Pass School Of Motoring is the automatic driving school in Birmingham for you.

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Just Pass School of Motoring Ltd was founded to help pupils of all levels of abilities to pass their driving test quickly and at an affordable price

The areas we cover.

Just Pass School Of Motoring Our  covers all areas in Birmingham and the encompassing areas like:

1. Redditch

2. Dudley

3. Walsall

4. Coventry

5. Halesowen

6. West Bromwich

7. Wolverhampton

When you call us to book automatic driving lessons, you will be  assigned an automatic driving instructor local to your area. This will ensure your automatic driving instructor will be aware of the local driving test routes and any tricky roads  you might be asked to negotiate on your practical driving test. Therefore giving you the best chance of passing your driving test.

We can offer:

1. Hourly Driving Lessons

2. Semi-Intensive Driving Courses

3. Intensive Driving Courses (crash courses)

If you’re searching for automatic driving lessons Birmingham, it is important to be learning in a modern and comfortable car. Our fleet of modern automatic cars have lots of driver aids like reversing sensors and reversing cameras to help learning to drive an automatic car simple and pleasurable.

We additionally supply intensive courses for any learners who need to pass their driving test as quickly as possible. If you’d rather not drag out your driving lessons over many weeks or maybe months, our intensive automatic driving courses are the solution for you. We are able to concentrate your driving lessons in Birmingham into a few weeks, or maybe one week, depending  on your needs

Why Choose Us As The
Best Driving School

Our driving instructors Birmingham supply flexible times for driving lessons, whether or not you would like to start your lessons in the morning or the evenings we can accommodate you. We can arrange your driving lessons from home, work, or college.

Here at Just Pass School of Motoring, we are happy to accommodate your needs. Whether or not you study or  work throughout the day and want evening and weekend lessons, or whether or not you’re employed shifts and need irregular slots we are happy to fulfil your needs.

Driving Lessons in Birmingham

Not all driving schools have the facilties  in Birmingham  to supply you a course of automatic driving lessons which will assist you to pass your driving test within a few of days.


Specialized Driving Courses

At Just Pass School of Motoring we can design a bespoke driving course just for you. So this means you can have as many or as little lessons as you want. From 1 hour to 8 hours a day. What ever your needs, you can be rest assured we can accommodate your needs and tailor a driving course just for you.

You can feel assured that however busy your schedule may be  we can work around  you to help get you on the road as soon as possible.

At Just Pass School of Motoring you can be sure the driving instructor you will be assigned has lots experience and will look at the best method to teach you.

If English isn’t your first language this will not hold you back at  Just Pass School of Motoring. We have lots of different driving instructors from many different backgrounds so we are sure we can help you find a driving instructor that can speak your language. Contact Just Pass School of Motoring today and start your voyage towards freedom on Britain’s roads.

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