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Just Ladies Driving School

The Benefits Of Automatic Driving Lessons In Birmingham For Ladies

With automatic driving lessons Birmingham ladies can get out and about on the roads under their own steam in no time! There is no quicker or easier way to learn to drive than in an automatic vehicle and here at Just Pass School of Motoring we’re here to help!

Our team of experienced instructors are on hand to give you the tuition you need to get to grips with driving skills, and because we have automatic learner cars in our fleet we can help you pass your test without any of the complexities of learning how to use the clutch and gearstick.

So, are automatic driving lessons in Birmingham for ladies the right choice for you? Read on to learn more about what we can offer.

Female Instructors In Birmingham

Learning to drive is one of the most important skills that anyone can develop in life. Not only can it give you greater independence and freedom to get around under your own steam, but it can also up opportunities for many more jobs and careers.

Many women in Birmingham are keen to learn to drive but don’t feel comfortable having lessons with a male instructor. The good news is that here at Just Pass School of Motoring we have onboard a team of talented and friendly female instructors who can offer lessons at a time to suit learners’ needs. All are fully qualified and have the necessary expertise to get you through your test and behind the wheel quickly.


Just Ladies Driving School in Birmingham

Instructors Who Speak Your Language

Women in Birmingham who have a language other than English as their first language often find it very difficult to learn to drive. It can be difficult enough to learn the basics of mastering a vehicle even when the language barrier isn’t taken into account. Fortunately, here at the Just Pass School of Motoring we have many instructors who speak a range of languages to make it easier to get on the road in Birmingham’s multicultural environment. With their help and patient tuition in an automatic vehicle, learning to drive is easier than you ever imagined.

Automatic Lessons Make Driving Less Complex

The great benefit of learning to drive in an automatic vehicle is that the process of driving becomes less complex. Driving a manual car involves mastering a lot of challenging skills. Simply learning how to get the clutch to its “biting point” and how to change the gears at the appropriate moment can take a long time. When you add into the equation all of the other factors involved in driving a car – using mirrors and indicators properly, checking for hazards on the road ahead, steering and navigating correctly and keeping an eye on the speedometer, it isn’t too difficult to see why lessons in a manual car can seem overwhelming for some people.

With automatic driving lessons in Birmingham ladies can get to grips with the rules of the road and the essentials of driving without having to worry about the extra difficulty of dealing with changing gears. Instead, they can focus on watching the road and avoiding dangerous situations. This simple difference can help to encourage women who were too afraid of driving before due to the complexities of learning to get behind the wheel and start their tuition.

Saving You Time

Another great benefit of automatic driving lessons in Birmingham for ladies is that you can learn to drive in a shorter space of time. Since there is no need to spend multiple lessons on learning how to change gears and manage the clutch pedal, it’s possible to spend more time on manoeuvres and other important elements that will be tested during the final exam. As a result, it’s possible to learn all of the essential skills much more quickly and pass your test far sooner than you otherwise would.

Since fewer lessons overall are likely to be required, learners don’t need to find quite as much time in their schedule for their driving tuition. This is good news for women who have a lot of extra responsibilities and commitments, from caring for children and relatives to work and study.

Being able to pass your driving test speedily can also offer its own excellent benefits, especially for those who need to learn to drive urgently to get a job, to transport their family from A to B or simply to enjoy greater freedom and independence on a daily basis.

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Why Choose Automatic Lessons

Modern, Reliable Cars

Here at Just Pass School of Motoring, we’re very proud to have a modern fleet of up to date cars in a range of popular makes and models. Not only do we have manual vehicles for our learners to drive in, but we also have automatic cars that are the latest models. Reliable and safe on the roads, our automatic cars are a great choice to start the journey towards driving expertise in.

Are There Any Drawbacks To Automatic Driving Lessons?

Anyone who takes automatic driving lessons and passes their driving test in an automatic vehicle will only be legally allowed to drive an automatic car. However, this needn’t be a drawback. In fact, there are many excellent automatic vehicles available these days of many different makes and models and of many different sizes to accommodate all requirements.

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As a leading provider of automatic driving lessons in Birmingham for ladies, Just Pass School of Motoring has been established for over a decade and has helped countless learners to pass their tests over the years. Offering excellent value for money as well as highly skilled instructors who are flexible enough to accommodate your schedule, we’re proud to be a top choice in the West

With all of that in mind, it’s easy to see why automatic driving lessons in Birmingham for ladies are so popular, so get in touch with Just Pass School of Motoring today to find out more and to book your first session with one of our friendly and talented instructors.


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