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Pass + is specially designed training scheme aimed at new qualified drivers to upgrade their skills and knowledge on the road. It is well known fact that young drivers are far more likely to be involved in road accidents than an average driver. Therefore, the cost to insure a first time driver as well as drivers between the age of 17 and 25 could be far more expensive. Recent research showed that the cost of putting young driver on the road may hit £5000 pounds. Pass + training scheme offers to all new drivers an affordable solution to save money on car insurance.

If you are looking to become a more confident and safe driver on the road, upgrade your skills driving on various roads and in different weather conditions. Gain valuable experience with the help of our professional driving instructors, who will guide you through the training process. The training scheme is designed by the DSA in partnership with the insurance companies. The aim is to meet certain insurance companies’ requirements in order young drivers passing successfully the course to qualify for discounts on their current insurance.  The course would be most beneficial for first time drivers who would like to hit a road within an year of passing their driving test.

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What is in the Pass Plus course?

The Pass + is comprised of six individual modules. Brief overview about the courses will be provided below. It is worth mentioning that there are no tests or exams that need to be passed within this course. The training is simply designed to provide you with an additional qualification resulting in discounts on your insurance and greater confidence on the road. However, your allocated driving instructor will track your progress and assess your performance during the course.

You will need full UK driving license to quality for this course.

      1. Driving In Town – In this module your instructor will emphasize the importance of progressive driving, how to be more cautious toward other drivers on the road including cyclist, motocyclists and pedestrians. What is the best way to deal with busy traffic and traffic jams and much more.

     2. Driving On Rural Roads – Of course there is a difference between driving in town and rural driving. In this module your instructor will teach you how to be more vigilant when passing by hazardous areas and how to prevent road accidents caused by horses, tractors and dead grounds.

      3. Driving In All Weather Types – Sometimes the Mother Nature may surprise us while driving; knowing how to drive in adverse weather conditions its crucial experience for young drivers. In case, bad weather is one the main causes of road accidents nowadays. In this module your driving instructor will teach you the differences in driving in fog, snow, sleet and heavy rain. He/she will also teach you when is appropriate to use lights, wipers and demisters.

      4. Driving At Night – The key areas which will be covered here are how to correctly use lights, how to prevent dazzling other drivers and how to react if you get dazzled.

      5. Dual Carriageways – In this module the instructor will put emphasis on the use of slip rd and the usage of central reservation area.

   6. Motorways – Here, your instructor will teach you what is the appropriate distance between vehicles, how to track it and what is the relation between the distance between the vehicles on a motorway to the speed you are driving with.


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